Desas Lift Market wishs you Generous and Happy Ramadan .
Welcome to Desas Lift Market
Desas lift is the main dealer with AKIŞ and EKER motors in the area
Desas Lift Market has all the parts that you need
We as Desas Lift Located in Mersin which is has the big Mersin Port
We rise you to highes in all around the world

About Us


Desas Elevator Company was established in 2008 by taking a step into the sector with its maintenance and installation.As of 2012, it continued by doing wholesale of elevator materials. Pano-Mer, which was established under the roof of Desas Elevator Company in 2017, started the production of its own Control Panel with doing wholesale of elevator materials.

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We Are Making Our Cabins

As Desas lift Market we produce our own cabins to choose the pattern click on the photo.

All Motors availability

As Desas Lift Market we are main dealer for many Motors Companyes as AKIŞ and EKER , also we have the Italyan Brand Motors as Montanari brand.

We are making our own Control Panels

After the big experience that we had at our job during thies long years we started at 2017 to make our own control panel as PANO-MER company.

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    Akkent Mahallesi 34.Cad. No: 56/A Yenişehir/Mersin/TURKEY

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    +90 537 367 45 87
    +90 324 358 08 29

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